Eeeeeeek. Rally time.

Beware – I’m going to be working at the gates during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

For those of you who live under rocks, the rally is a huge gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts from every corner of the country. They come in their cutoffs, pleather and Harley Davidson gear to ride around the Black Hills and consume large amounts of alcohol (hopefully not at the same time).

So. Many. Motorcycles.

So. Many. Motorcycles.

It draws in a lot of interesting people and is great for the tourism industry, but from what I hear from the park veterans, it can get pretty stressful at the park gates. That’s where all the motorcycle riders are stopped and charged to enter the park, and while that might seem simple, it’s not. Gate workers are expected to keep traffic flowing smoothly while keeping track of sales, selling passes in the right order, and running credit cards (which takes time and annoys people).

But it’s a giant party. (If you click on that link, you’ll see a photo of Pee Wee Herman with some scantily clad biker chicks prancing around on a stage). People are here to celebrate their love of motorcycles, see some great scenery and have a good time. That’s great. But I’m really nervous. I’ve never worked at a gate before and while I won’t have the most complicated of jobs (I’m merely selling bands for motorcycles – not cars) I’m still worried that my coworkers are going to want to kill me.

For the three days I will be doing this, I will be out in the hot sun on my feet all day. It’s reminiscent of my 3 years working at Dairy Queen, so I do have some experience catering to people, but I’m not looking forward to the heat.

So, if you see a girl running around frantically selling passes to motorcyclists, please cut me some slack. And please don’t rev your engine at me. And please bring me some cold water. Thank you.


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