The Technology Crutch

You know when you’re sitting in school learning about geography/long division/Helen Keller and you’re thinking, “When am I ever going to need to know this? This is stupid! I could be doing so many other better, more important things with my life!” Well, that finally bit me in the butt.

I’m currently sitting at my desk about to pull my hair out because of a stupid little GPS device that I have to use to record coordinates for an app I’m helping put together. It’s going to be a cool trail challenge where you can accumulate points for reaching certain points on trails throughout the park – but that means I have to collect the data.

To put it simply, this is the problem; the GPS has coordinates in this format:
N 43°46.248
W 103°23.818
I need them to show up in this format:
90.483433, -82.523209

Pure evil.

Pure evil.

Now, before you say, “Silly girl, you can easily find websites that will convert those points for you!” I shall stop you with a loud, “NO THERE AREN’T!” (There aren’t any that do it simply). And I know I learned how to do this manually in high school, but it went in one ear and out the other because technology was supposed to take care of it for me!

I’ve spent a long time on the Internet looking at the owner’s manual for the Garmin GPSmap 62sc to no avail as well. So, I had to email the same guy who got me the hammer to open my magical desk and tell him I’m an idiot and beg for help. Yippee.

Now I know how old people feel when you hand them iPhones or toasters with more than one button.

Because simplicity is complicated.

Because simplicity is complicated.


One thought on “The Technology Crutch

  1. First point, what school did you go to that you learnt how to convert that? I’m pretty sure I never did.
    Second point, maybe there’s a huge gap in the market here which you should be exploiting? (If it’s any consolation, it’d be a simple online app to make, in raw form)

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