The mosquitos have hatched and they’re out in full force. I got spoiled last year by living in an arid and dry part of California where I didn’t have to worry about such things, but this summer is going to be different.

They’re everywhere, and they’re vicious. If you go outside after dusk, you had better be doused in bug spray or you’re going to be eaten alive. I tried to go on a hike one evening, got halfway down a trail and literally ran the entire route back to the dorms just so that I wouldn’t get bitten. And I haven’t run more than half a mile since 6th grade.

And the thing is I’m pretty sure they don’t spray for mosquitos in the park because they don’t want to harm the other wildlife or mess with the natural order of things. I’m all for being natural, but these mosquitos are going to be the death of me. Either that, or I’m going to get in really good shape from running around all the time so that they can’t land on me.


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