Ode to Kelli

Kelli is one of the girls who lives in the dorms with us and everyone should know that this girl is an AMAZINGLY good cook. She likes to take something random, like sour cream or mashed potatoes, and put them in cake. While this might sound disgusting, it is in fact the opposite and makes pastries more moist and decadent than anything I’ve ever eaten before. She also makes doughnuts and beer bread like a pro, and at this rate I’m going to get pretty fat living here.

I grew up with a mother who is a fabulous cook. My aunt and her husband also know their way around a kitchen really well, and I’m not too shabby myself (no Mom, I don’t cook that often, but it’s because I’m controlling in a kitchen.) Maybe it’s because I haven’t been home in a long time, but Kelli’s food is simply to die for. She deserves an award.

That is all.


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