The buffalo are organized, I tell you…organized.

Everybody poops, but the buffalo in this park seem to make an art of it.

Let me explain – a buffalo “chip” is usually about a foot in diameter and can actually be used for lots of things. Native Americans in the area used to use them as kindling and fertilizer because they dry out really fast and the park currently uses them during their annual “chip toss” at open house weekend. Yeah, that’s a real thing. People pick up dried poop and throw it.

They’re everywhere throughout the park and they don’t cause any problems because they’re huge and easy to see, so it’s not like uppity tourists are stepping in them all the time and throwing a fit. They are even around the dorm and cabins where I live, and that’s fine, but how those huge buffalo manage to get their doo-doo in some places is beyond me.

For example, there is a spot back by our campfire where in order for a buffalo to get that pile of poop where it currently lays, he would have had to approach our circle of chairs, somehow squeeze through them, turn around, and finally reverse into his pooping position. What kind of weird buffalo does that?

I also once saw a pile on such an obscurely steep hill that the buffalo would have had to side step up the hill and brace himself on a rock before doing his business. It’s crazy I tell you, crazy.

Side note; why is it that when I looked through Google images for “buffalo poop funny” there were like 15 pictures of Michelle Obama? I don’t get it.


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