The night owl has flown the coop.

I’m getting old. I’ve always been a night owl, but something here is changing that, so I’m blaming it on age.

When I’m in college, my sleeping pattern is more like a Jackson Pollock painting than a pattern.

My classes usually start around 11 a.m. or noon, so I can easily stay up until the wee hours of the morning and still get a few hours of decent rest. There are some mornings, however, when I do have to get up early, so on a Monday I might sleep from 3 a.m. to noon and then on Tuesday I might sleep from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. – it depends.

Now, you might think that having a job which requires you to get up at the same time almost every morning would make me a more responsible sleeper, but that’s untrue as well. Last summer, I worked five days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This did not keep me from staying up too late because I had a computer and access to Netflix, so I was always up till past midnight. On weekends I would sleep past noon and the people I lived with oftentimes thought I had died overnight and was never coming out.

But here, it’s different. If you don’t count the first week I lived here, I’ve gone to bed at a decent time every night. Maybe it’s the sun and maybe it’s the fact that I’m outdoors hiking or doing physical activity for a lot of the day, but I always find myself starting to feel tired around 9 p.m. –  I can usually hold out until about 11 p.m., but I’m a lost cause after that.

It’s pathetic and weird. And I’m still not a morning person – dragging my butt out of bed in the morning is always a chore. I could be a morning person only if morning happened sometime around noon. This morning, my alarm didn’t go off and I thought I had slept in and was 20 minutes late for work. After frantically throwing myself together and running out the door, the universe smiled down on me and my phone was like “Oh, sorry; I was on airplane mode because I was about to die last night, so I’m going to correct myself and …oh, would you look at that! It’s an hour earlier than you thought it was and you have one…two text messages!” (And I imagine my phone saying that with a southern accent for some reason.)

I got to work early. (And the universe must have really loved me because the coffee was already made when I got there and somebody had left a Milky Way in my mailbox, but that’s beside the point.)

My body must have woken me up naturally when I’ve been usually getting up for work, and that freaks me out. I didn’t tell it to that – I didn’t give it permission. But I’m thankful anyway. It must be an old person thing.


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