Twinkle Twinkle

Stargazing has always been something I enjoy. It’s peaceful and fun when you get a bunch of friends together with blankets to stare blankly at the sky to wonder if Google or The Man has satellites looking right back down at you.

Last night we were all bored and the wood was still too wet for a fire, so we piled into a car with blankets and found a giant hill. It was just our luck that there was a wedding reception going on less than a mile away, so we had our own personal DJ. It was like an 80s movie; we jammed out to “I Like Big Butts” and when Journey songs get played, everyone is obligated to sing every word. It was cold, but it was great.

And it’s nice to be surrounded by really intelligent people. One of the guys named Sam knew where and what every constellation was and pointed out some of the faintly blinking moving satellites as they shot across the sky.

I could do that every night.


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