So, about last night…

One word: mice.

It all started when we decided to watch ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ We went over to the guys’ cabin to pop it into the DVD player, but when some people realized what we were about to watch, they complained. As a result, we watched ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.’ We did this with the lights off and with not much talking.

And while the lights were off, we had a little friend in the kitchen who was scurrying around doing mousy things with his little mouse paws and his little mouse nose.

But we had no clue.

When the movie was over, we turned the lights back on and talked about things to do; we could play cards, but it’s always annoying to teach people a new game. One thing was for sure, we couldn’t go spend any money because we were all broke. There was talk of hiking, but it was really cold…


One of the girls on the couch let out the most terrifying scream I have ever heard. We all immediately jumped to action. I leapt onto the arm of the couch to defend myself against whatever it was, the men all jumped to a standing position and those that had blankets pulled them over their heads before suspiciously peeking back.

“What, what is it? What?” one of the guys asked as he danced around nervously.

The screaming girl merely pointed at the kitchen, which in turn made everyone go into fighting stance and try to figure out who the intruder was in the kitchen.

But there was nothing. I was honestly expecting a dead body or an axe murderer.

“What? What are you screaming at?” the guy asked again.

By that time, the girl was kind of laughing and gasping for air.

“A mouse! I saw the mouse!” she cried breathlessly.

Of course – a mouse.

Like this, but minus the cuteness and the teddy bear.

Like this, but minus the cuteness and the teddy bear.

For the next hour, we banged on cabinet doors and moved refrigerators to try and find the little bugger. The men did the lifting while the girls stood around with heavy objects and waited for the rodent to try and make his escape, but he never did. The cabin is a nice place too; I’ve been in apartments that are much worse, but somehow, a mouse had gotten inside this place. At some point, I was standing next to the counter when I saw an all too familiar sight.

“Hey guys,” I asked, twirling my shoe-weapon. “Has anybody made any Uncle Ben’s recently?”

They all stared at me blankly.

“Like, brown rice? Or…” I kept hoping someone would say yes, but nobody spoke up. So, I surrendered to the only plausible explanation for what I saw on the counter.

“There’s mouse poop.” I pointed at a dirty dish near the sink that supported most of it. “There’s mouse poop on the counter.”

At this point several of us girls lost it and started shrieking again.

We kept trying, but never saw the tiny intruder again. After we gave up, we all sat around talking about what we would do if we had money – when there was a knock at the door. One of the guys answered it while casually sipping from a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

It was the junior conservation officer. Apparently he had “just been driving by” and heard that it was “pretty loud.” We needed to “tone it down” because it was “disruptive.” The guy is a nice person; I go to college with him and I always manage to run into him at the gas pump. The thing is, he’s trying to show everyone that he’s a real-life cop – a big boy – and that’s annoying for us because we’re easy targets.

“Oh, well it was probably loud because we found a mouse and Kori started screaming,” we explained. You would think he might offer to help us kill it or even suggest ways to trap the thing, but nope – he simply reiterated that we needed to be quiet. He honestly didn’t even sound concerned.

After he left we all tried to justify why he had just done that, because clearly he hadn’t “just been driving by,” but the room remained divided.

At that point, some of us began to trickle off to bed. A group of nine of us stayed behind and played some cards, and when it was realized that we got paid the next day, four of that group decided to drive the 10 minutes to the closest Flying J to buy some forties at midnight because the money would be in our accounts then (We drink classily.) I chose to go to bed, and the funny thing is, I looked this morning and we still haven’t gotten our checks deposited.

I wonder how the rest of the night went.


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