If only I could sing…

If only I could sing...

I’m not complaining in any way when I say that I’m living inside a Disney cartoon.

Seriously, on my days off I hiked Lovers Leap trail, which is a much more romantic name for what is really Lovers Leap To Their Death Trail, but that’s another story.

The walk is really pretty; you cross a babbling brook several times and are surrounded by fluorescent green trees that are inhabited by tiny, chirping birds.

And the butterflies – let me tell you about the butterflies. They’re everywhere! I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was almost terrifying to walk to fast for fear I might inhale one of them. There were blue ones and yellow ones and small ones and big ones. At one point, I just stood still, put a classical piece of music on my iPod and stood still to see if the butterflies would flutter in sync with the music.

Sadly, they did not, but it was still really pretty. If I had anything resembling a good singing voice I would have tried calling the birds to land on my finger.

Later that night it rained, and once again, it was like living inside Walt’s head. When the showers stopped, it was as though we were viewing the world through a yellow filter. If you’ve lived in tornado alley, you know that its post-tornado weather, but we hadn’t had a twister. The clouds looked like painted puffs of cotton candy in the sky and the sunset was so pink that it looked like an Instagram filter had been put over the sky.

I pinch myself daily to make sure I’m not dreaming.


4 thoughts on “If only I could sing…

  1. You explained exactly how we feel every morning we wake up in the Black Hills! Even when it does storm or rain, we think of all the trees and grass sucking in what the good Lord has sent down here for them.. And how the animals in the area are thinking what a delight it is to have grass like this to eat and flowers to land on. The whole dreaming thing just kind of comes with the area… Keep those dreams in your heart, soul and mine throughout your days! And as they say, “Go to your happy place”.

  2. Disney, Snow White, rain, butterflies what’s not to love about your detailed experience. I’m so happy, my eyes are welling up. I can barely see to type this. Coincidentally, I hear Chopin being played downstairs on the concert grand. Thanks for sharing your happy and vivid experiences. It’s just like being home! Keep em coming!

  3. Was the “living inside Walt’s head” a Walt Longmire reference? For the uninitiated Walt Longmire is a character in both the TV show Longmire and the books by Craig Johnson (a Wyoming author that I really like.)

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